david sampedro gil

bodegas bhilar


 Bodegas Bhilar, Elvillar, Rioja Alavesa

Situated around the town of Elvillar, David’s Bodegas Bhilar (Bhilar the derivation of the Basque word for Elvillar), concentrates on high altitude, sustainable viticulture, his vineyards have since 2006 been farmed organically, he practices biodynamics and he is currently working towards Demeter certification. In addition to this his winery is powered solely by solar power.


In the early days of Bodegas Bhilar, the older generation labelled him the ‘laziest winemaker in town’ for allowing plants to grow between his rows (to foster biodiversity in the vineyards which contributes to the overall health of the vines) and not spraying his vines with pesticides and herbicides. Ironically it’s the intuitive practices of his grandfather’s generation that he has returned to.

David is also involved in a number of projects around Spain under his DSG Vineyards label, making wine in Rias Baixas, Salamanca and Navarra to name some but not all. Wherever he makes wine the same unmistakable elegance is evident in every expression of the land.