SANLUCAR de Barrameda

The bodega was first established in 1631 by the family Romero De La Balsa where they concentrated  on making Manzanilla (Fino) for local consumption. In 1849 Mr. Manuel BARON Fernandez acquired the soleras thanks to his

wife Doloros Romero De La Balso.


 In 1989 Jose RODRIGUEZ buys the Bodega and fulfils his early dream of growing and 

producing Manzanilla.  That same year, he buys a vineyard in Jerez de La Frontera from Bodeags Argúeso. The Bodega now

produces Manzanilla, Amontillado, Oloroso, Cream, Moscatel, & Pedro Ximenez.


Nowadays, Bodegas Baron is working very hard to get his oldest wines tasted by the best sommeliers and wine  aficionados in

order to get a full recognition worldwide.  Both José and Juan Luis Rodriguez Carrasco, sons of Mr. josé Rodriguez took over the management of the cellar when their father died.

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Bodegas Baron Amontillado.jpg
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Bodegas Baron Xixarito Pedro Ximenez.jpg
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        Micaela Manzanilla

                                            Since 1631 and still making 5 year old Manzanilla


        Bodegas Baron Micaela Amontillado

                                             10 year old wine from an outstanding bodega


         Micaela Oloroso

                                             3 year old  Oloroso

         XiXarito Oloroso

                                             15 year old Oloroso

Medium & Cream (dulce)

         Bodegas Baron Medium

                                                 3 year old semi-seco Sherry

         Bodegas Baron Cream

                                                 5 year old semi-seco Sherry

Pedro Ximenez & Moscatel

        Bodegas Baron Pedro Ximenez 

                                                   4 year old Pedro Ximenez  


         Bodegas Baron Xixarito Pedro Ximenez

                                                  15 year old wine

         Micaela Moscatel

                                                  4 year old wine