Ramiro Ibañez Espinar - Cota 45 / Primitivo Collantes, Jerez, Andalucia

After a number of years consulting for wineries in Jerez, including Primitivo Collantes, Ramiro
started Cota 45 in 2012, his aim was to help the world rediscover the nuances of Jerez’s many
individual vineyards on albariza soils - the Pagos. Long had producers been making Sherry
without any reference to terroir, Ramiro’s wines are made from palomino fino, unfortified, from
single pagos, and highlight the great differences that can be found in them.

In conjunction with Primitivo Collantes Ramiro has produced Socaire, made from fruit from Pago
Matalian, near the town of Chiclana de la Frontera, it is aged for two years in a bota that
previously held fino.
Primitivo Collantes are headed by ‘Primi’ Collantes the fourth generation to settle in Chiclana,
they own 39 hectares of the 139 left in Chiclana and make traditional Sherry styles from
palomino fino on albariza soils.