Fino. Manzanilla. Amontillado. Oloroso. Pedro Ximénez. Moscatel

Great wine regions throughout the globe are now being rivalled. Pinots from New Zealand, Australia, and California now rival those of Burgundy. You’ll find Shiraz in OZ that easily matches those from Bordeaux. Malbec from Argentina are often favoured over those from more well-known wine regions. Today, great Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc is being grown all over the world. And even some sparkling wines sit along side those from the more prestigious ‘Champagne’ area in France.


However, there is one region that is simply unrivalled, and that region is Jerez in Southern Spain. There is no other place on earth that has the history and the wine-making skills to produce wines of the same calibre. Sherry is simply one of the great wine styles of the world.














Even though Jerez, along with Puerto de Santa Maria, & Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Manzanilla) is where we think of when we think ‘Fino’ etc. we’ve also decided to look beyond the ‘Sherry Triangle’ and venture inland to Montilla Moriles, where Pedro Ximenez is used to make all the different styles of wines. And because of this, the drier styles don’t need to be fortified because the grape naturally gets to 15% alcohol. Therefore the wine develops naturally without having grape spirit added. The end result are wines that sit proudly along side those of Jerez.


And Barrica Wines is proud to be associated with Perez Barquero (Montilla Moriles), Emilio Hidalgo (Jerez), and Bodegas Baron (Sanlucar de Barrameda)

Perez Barquero... In the historic town of Montilla, a tradition of craftsmanship and wine making has been maintained

 since 1905 when the cellars of Perez Barquero were first established. From its foundation, Pérez Barquero has continually

dedicated itself to the production of wines from a selection of the best parcels from Sierra of Montilla & Moriles Alto.

These Chalky soils have provided the grapes that have resulted in awarding winning wines in the best tradition of Jerez.


Pérez Barquero is a house that consistently keeps a strikingly high quality level throughout its portfolio, with Finos

oozing "flor", to mature, graceful, Amontillados, deep Olorosos, and elegantly sweet Pedro Ximénez wines. The quality

of its wines is endorsed by awards like Best Fortified Sweet Wine for Gran Barquero PX in the UK.

Best Fino on the market by The New York Times for Gran Barquero. And just this year, best sweet wine from

Spain for La Canada Pedro Ximenez.



Emilio Hidalgo...Bodegas Emilio Hidalgo was founded in 1874 and has developed an international reputation for producing

elegant, refined Sherries. The bodega is located in the heart of Jerez de la Frontera, in DO Jerez-Xérès-Sherry. Palomino, Moscatel

and Pedro Ximenez grapes are grown in three types of soil: limestone-rich albariza, clay-dominant barros and sandy arenas. This varied

yield of grapes gives Hidalgo’s skilled cellar master a wide range of options in the crafting of their Sherry.


 Today, the fifth generation of Hidalgos runs the winery, carrying on the family’s rich Sherry-making heritage. This new generation

maintains the traditions that have been carefully preserved and enriched for more than 130 years. Through their efforts, Bodegas

Emilio Hidalgo continues to be recognized worldwide for its high quality and distinct style. The winery has received countless

accolades from Sherry connoisseurs and top critics.



Bodegas Baron... The bodega was first established in 1631 by the family Romero De La Balsa where they concentrated

on making Manzanilla (Fino) for local consumption. In 1849 Mr. Manuel BARON Fernandez acquired the soleras thanks to his

wife Doloros Romero De La Balso.  In 1989 Jose RODRIGUEZ buys the Bodega and fulfils his early dream of growing and 

producing Manzanilla.  That same year, he buys a vineyard in Jerez de La Frontera from Bodeags Argúeso. The Bodega now

produces Manzanilla, Amontillado, Oloroso, Cream, Moscatel, & Pedro Ximenez.


Nowadays, Bodegas Baron is working very hard to get his oldest wines tasted by the best sommeliers and wine  aficionados in

order to get a full recognition worldwide.  Both José and Juan Luis Rodriguez Carrasco, sons of Mr. josé Rodriguez took over

the management of the cellar when their father died.




Fino & Manzanilla

        Gran Barquero Fino

                                                 More than 8 years in crianza. "No 1 Fino NY Times"  

        Fino Especial La Panesa

                                               An amazing 17 year old fino. 

        Emilio Hidalgo Fino

                                             6 year old fino from an outstanding bodega

        Micaela Manzanilla

                                                 Since 1631 and still making 5 year old Manzanilla

        Soluqua Manzanilla Pasada

                                                  12 year old Manzanilla from Bodegas Baron


        El Tresillo 1874 Amontillado

                                                 50 year old Amontillado from Emilio Hidalgo  

        Gran Barquero Amontillado

                                                25+ year old Amontillado

        Bodegas Baron Micaela Amontillado

                                             10 year old wine from an outstanding bodega

        1905 Soleras Fundacionales 

                                                  80+ year old Amontillado 97 points


         1905 Soleras Fundacionales Oloroso

                                                  80+ year old Oloroso from Perez Barquero. 98 points  

         Villapanes Oloroso

                                               20 year old Oloroso Seco

         Micaela Oloroso

                                             3 year old  Oloroso

         Gran Barquero Oloroso 

                                                  25+ year old Oloroso 97 points

Medium & Cream (dulce)

         Bodegas Baron Medium

                                                 3 year old semi-seco Sherry

         Emilio Hidalgo Morenita Cream

                                              8 year old sweet wine.

 Pedro Ximenez & Moscatel

        Emilio Hidalgo Pedro Ximenez

                                                   6 year old Pedro Ximenez  

         Single Vintage de Cosecha 2011

                                                Anada (Vintage) Pedro Ximenez

         La Canada

                                              25+ year old wine. Voted best sweet wine in Spain

         1905 Soleras Fundacionles Pedro Ximenez

                                                  80+ year old. 99 points

         Gran Barquero Pedro Ximenez

                                                  5 year old PX

         Bodegas Baron Pedro Ximenez

                                                  4 year old wine

         Micaela Moscatel

                                                  4 year old wine




“Sherry is a wine made in a specific part of the south of Spain, the Marco de Jerez [sherry is an English derivative of Jerez],” explains Dilernia. “It’s a fortified wine, which means that neutral grape spirits are added to bring it up to a minimum alcohol level of 15 per cent.”  Sherry is then aged for a minimum of two to three years (often much longer). As Dilernia explains, “After ageing in barrels, a sherry is produced into different styles – dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet. Those styles then fall into categories – Fino, Amontillado, Palo Cortado and Oloroso – which are all made with the Palomino grape. The last category is Pedro Ximenez, which is your sweet sherry, the one most people associate the wine with.”


And being one of Australia's leading sherry enthusiasts, what does Dilernia like to drink? “I prefer anything dry. Like a nice dry Fino that's been aged six to 10 years. And I'm partial to break out the 30-year-olds also. The longer they age, the better in my opinion.”    Broadsheet Magazine MAY 2013 

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