Celler Les Foes

Roger Díaz

"Making Natural Wines from Free Vines"

Roger Diaz - Celler Les Foes, Castellón, Valencia

The town of Les Coves de Vinromà where Roger resides has a rich history of winemaking, however in the 1970’s a concerted vine pull occurred in favour of more profitable crops, it was Roger’s goal to restore the centuries old winemaking traditions from before they were lost altogether.

It will come as no surprise after hearing this to know that Roger is a high school history teacher, although with Celler Les Foes growing and consuming his time he has moved to part time teaching.

Working with indigenous Valencian varieties tardana and embolicaire, he has also planted in 2009 small amounts of garnacha and cariñena, vines that have never seen any synthetic chemicals in their lifetime.

He farms his vines organically and biodynamically and uses little to no additions in the winery, his exceptional wine Brutal a blend of garnacha and cariñena has zero added sulphur and possibly one of the best label designs we’ve ever seen!

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