norrel robertson

el escoces volante

catalayud & galacia

Norrel Robertson - El Escocés Volante, Calatayud, Aragón

Norrel, born and raised in Scotland, moved to Spain in 2003 as winemaker for International Wine Services (a role that later became the inspiration for his brand El Escocés Volante - The Flying Scotsman).


He quickly fell in love with the old garnacha vineyards around the villages of Villarroya de la Sierra and Cervera de la Cañada, and has over the years purchased 21 hectares of vines, many from locals, that he had to spend months negotiating with over many €1 glasses of wine in local bars!


He owns mainly garnacha between 45 - 110 years old, as well as some new plantings. Viticulture is sustainable and organic and certification is being worked towards over the coming years. He is also involved in winemaking projects in Galicia, Murcia and Valencia.