Esteban Celemin - Esteban Celemín Viticultor, Castronuño, Vallodolid

After studying oenology at Madrid university Esteban began to plant new and rescue old plots of Duero river valley native white variety albillo real, tinta de toro (technically tempranillo but this
Duero river version is considered a clonal variation with thicker skins and smaller berries), andseveral other Duero river native varieties.

His wines are born of three values - they are handmade, they are natural and they are madeonly from native varieties of the Duero.


Another key factor that individualizes his wines is thatwherever he feels a plot has individual characteristics its is vinified and bottled separately,regardless of the size of production, some just a single 225L barrel. He is a true artisan in an
area of large volume brands.