Juan piquares

bodegas pigar

utiel requena

After a significant cutting of teeth stint as winemaker at Viñedos Y Bodegas Manual Manzaneque, Juan decided to focus on the family winery located in the village of Campo Arcís. His small winery is located within the walls of his family home, with the barrel room in the basement of the same house, with its ultra-small production, Pigar make true garage wines.


His vineyards consist of distinct plots of old bush vines, farmed organically, over a variety of different soils and micro-climates. Producing wines from chardonnay, syrah, bobal (D.O. Utiel-Requenas historically maligned but now championed work horse) and heritage varieties tardana and royal. Wines are low added sulphur, minimal intervention with some employing skin contact.


Bodegas Pigar is set to become a cult icon (if not already) of Utiel-Requena.

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