perez barquero


In the historic town of Montilla, a tradition of craftsmanship and wine making has been maintained since 1905 when the cellars of Perez Barquero were first established. From its foundation, Pérez Barquero has continually

dedicated itself to the production of wines from a selection of the best parcels from Sierra of Montilla & Moriles Alto.

These Chalky soils have provided the grapes that have resulted in awarding winning wines in the best tradition of Jerez.


Pérez Barquero is a house that consistently keeps a strikingly high quality level throughout its portfolio, with Finos  oozing "flor", to mature, graceful, Amontillados, deep Olorosos, and elegantly sweet Pedro Ximénez wines. The quality

of its wines is endorsed by awards like Best Fortified Sweet Wine for Gran Barquero PX in the UK.

Best Fino on the market by The New York Times for Gran Barquero. And often named the best sweet wine from Spain, La Canada Pedro Ximenez.

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Perez Barquero Los Amigos Pedro Ximenez.
pedro-ximenez-de-cosecha-Perez Barquero.
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        Gran Barquero Fino

                                        More than 8 years in crianza. "No 1 Fino NY Times"  Amontillado

        Gran Barquero Amontillado

                                                25+ year old Amontillado


         1955 Soleras Oloroso

                                    80+ year old Oloroso from Perez Barquero. 98 points  

         Gran Barquero Oloroso 

                                                  25+ year old Oloroso 97 points

Pedro Ximenez 

         Single Vintage de Cosecha 2011

                                                Anada (Vintage) Pedro Ximenez

         La Canada

                                           25+ year old wine. Voted best sweet wine in Spain

         Los Amigos

                                                  5 year old PX