Viñedos del Jorco is a small wine project that produces small productions of red wines in the area of Cebreros (Ávila), Sierra de Gredos

It all started in 2009 when César Ruiz , Flequi Berruti , Nacho Jiménez and Raúl Pérez (creator of great wines like Ultreia, El Pecado, Sketch ...) join forces to make wine from Cebreros, tasting with different vineyards in the area, until that in 2016 they buy the El Jorco vineyard of 2.5 hectares, planted in 1915, between 2 streams and facing north a large part of it. Ecological cultivation.

Raúl Pérez, icon winemaker of the northwest of Spain, should need no introduction, in 2009 saw he started making wine with three other winemakers out of Cebreros, they went on to become Viñedos del Jorco.


In 2011 after some trial and error with vineyards they released their first wine, made from garnacha from a site in Villalba planted in 1915. After five years of working this vineyard they bought it from the owner and began to farm it organically and biodynamically. Now producing four wines, all from garnacha from their originally purchased vineyards and several other sites around Cebreros.