Pago Calzadilla is one of Spain's estate-specific Vinos de Pago. It occupies a special area of land

known for consistently producing distinctive wine of high quality. It is located just outside Huete,

a village in the Cuenca province of Castilla-La Mancha.The estate is family owned and operated,

and specializes in red wines.


When the vineyard was first planted in 1980, Spanish natives Tempranillo and Garnacha were

planted, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1992, Syrah was added. The grapes are selected and

picked by hand, then cooled before being vinified in the bodega (winery) onsite. No filtration or

stabilization is done to the wines, & all aging is carried out onsite using a combination of American

and French oak barrels, and wines spend up to 4 years in the bottle.


Pago Calzadilla produces four red wines, three of which are blends. The other is a varietal Syrah.

The estate's flagship is the Gran Calzadilla, which is made from the oldest vines.


Dehesa del Carrizal 


Born in 1987 with the planting of 8 acres of Cabernet-Sauvignon vines, Dehesa del Carrizal's

first 8 acres have today become 28, where next to Cabernet-Sauvignon now grow Syrah,

Merlot, Tempranillo, Petit Verdot and Chardonnay, all of them in the surroundings of the winery.

In 2006 Dehesa del Carrizal was recognized with its own Denominación de Origen de Pago, a mere

30 years after its first vines were planted. Cabernet Sauvignon remains the estate's best-known

wine, along with its Coleccion Privada blend.


The estate uses a combination of French and American oak (it favours French barrels), aging its

Coleccion Privada and varietal Cabernet Sauvignon for around 18 months before bottling. Wines

from Dehesa del Carrizal are typically full, well rounded, textured and long lasting.



Vino de Pago

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Vino de Pago estates must be small, have unique characteristics, in both its soil & micro-climate, whilst distinguishing and differentiating it from surrounding sites, and whose vineyards produce wines with distinctive and singular qualities, much like the Grand Cru's of France.


The Pago DO (part of Spanish wine law since 2003) has been widely lauded as Spain’s grand cru: premium single-estate wines. For an estate to receive Pago status, it must make wine only from grapes grown at the estate, which in turn must be fermented and bottled at the estate’s winery. Furthermore, the owners have to demonstrate that the estate has the right terroir and climate to produce quality wines; they must have ISO 9001 quality assurance and have a proven track record of producing quality wines with an international reputation. 


There are currently only 13 Pagos in Spain, and Barrica Wines is proud to be associated with two of them....


Gran Calzadilla

Vino de Pago Tempranillo 70% & Cabernet Sauvignon 30% Aged in American oak, more than 12 months, then 4 years in bottle. Cherry red with attractive veil. Complex nose with intense raspberry and blackcurrant aromas. Hints of graphite and liquorice on a spicy background. On the palate it is unctuous, powerful, with well-polished tannins, balanced and elegant. A finish full of sensations.